Ways to improve your language skills during the summer

María del Mar Román, coordinadora bilingüe, profesora inglés.

How can you improve your English or French this summer ?

Learning a language is great fun but it is also hard work. During the summer you have time to improve your language skills. Here you can find some ideas to do so !

  1. Are you going to travel abroad with your parents ? Become their translator. Use all what you have learnt in the class throughout the year. Asking for the food, buying a ticket, asking for directions, … you will be the star in every situation.
  2. Speak a little English or French every day. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a fluent speaker, speaking a language with another person is the fastest and most effective method to improve. You can find a native speaker and offer him or her a language exchange. That means that you spend around 30 minutes speaking in English or French and 30 minutes in Spanish.
  3. Carry a dictionary. It can be an actual book or a phone application. You can use it while you are waiting for the bus or just having a coffee. With this easy technique you could learn a few words everyday !
  4. Listen to an English or French radio station or podcasts. You can do it while you are doing sports ! Don’t worry if you do not understand everything, picking out key words and phrases or getting the general idea is enough to start with.
  5. Watch English or French movies and TV shows. You can go to some cinemas which offer the movies in original version or just at home there is a possibility to change the language of the emission.
  6. Read the newspaper, a magazine or a book in a foreign language. You can find them in your local library or online. Thousands or new stories are waiting for you !
  7. Keep a diary in English or French. At the end of the day you can describe the most exciting things that happened to you ; and do not worry if you make a mistake ! Nobody will read it !

All in all, you have plenty of opportunities to go on learning languages and make the most of your summer !